Monday, March 10, 2008

alphabetic by jill d.

after moneyflesh by sean s.

"evening makes my kitchen door window a patch of ink"

reflected pool quilted into this letter
dear lighted morning
dear every passing hour
the lost afternoons fork away into white, spilled
desire shining against glass blending into dark written
moments birthed or recycled tasting
like mint fresh pulled from dirt
dirt on fingers, mint oil scented
reflected patch of ink
slides through language toward
midnight a delay unspoken
after each envelope empty
and floating on the surface

1 comment:

Amanda Deutch said...

I really like this especially the line. " moments birthed or recycled tasting like fresh mint pulled from dirt." what an image! what a taste! I know the taste of fresh mint pulled form dirt, dirt still on the leaves even after shaken.