Thursday, November 26, 2009

Copenhagen by JW

After George Vance's comment: Soon we shall see How Copenhagen Ended.

See how soon we shall end Copenhagen.
Copenhagen soon shall see. We end how
we end. Copenhagen shall soon see how.
How ends Copenhagen? We shall soon see.

Soon Copenhagen shall end. We see how.
We see Copenhagen ending. How soon. Shall
we end soon? How? Shall Copenhagen see
how? End soon Copenhagen. We shall. See...?

In return, by JKD

After Amanda Deutch's poem "I wanted to tell you" from May 15, 2009

on an after-morning uncertainty

phrases seasick with bottles
empty expression

“I've never

or I
not as blank
as this

Certain hours
become masks

ourselves voiceless,
mined, coming up for air

through this dark shaft
elevate me

staid voice:

“aren’t you

Tender, undressed motions passed
as at the bar

exams in which we
the shape of the cosmos.

Peruse morning’s
mourning like this afternoon

into the evening,

As if I had been wanting words

wiped out
so things replace


and then
a color speaks:

“drive past chance
or the harbor”

This collision
.............../ collusion

red autumn
trees blooming.

Who am I to tell them why it’s wrong?

Little prepared
perhaps I am
street corners

or movement—

golden as on

Package wrapped, or a wall
“gives” or was it

Holding up
a way-
ward scrawl

Typescript noise

unable to believe Tuesday

A ripple, a return.

This keeps me awake
for years

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Omegah! (and Alpha too) by Amy Hollowell

after Oh-Game! by Geo Vance


is the Joyce body
of the Ulysses body
in the HCE body
of us every one no body
in the one body of every now

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh - Game!

after RQ & RW
by Geo Vance

Try the noman-hit or eon-night


Friday, November 13, 2009

Inhalation wavelets by Jennifer K Dick

After Jonathan Wonham's Malt Whiskey, Nostalgia for Fire

Fire on the inside, snapped adrift on the way to mourning, last train

rumble to ramble homeward she aloft within a framework of glass

and concrete metal beams encase. She is thinking of words and webs

fingers scaling over bruised surfaces as if time could repeal action,

disactivated. Kick, hover, reasoned list of forgery, forgets.

She plasters herself to the pane, suction cup of each fingertip

sticking her to now, and then now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

homme age à mon eage by RQ

after JW (and FV)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homage à Rufo Quintavalle by JW (new)

God in the sum of the errors
was a big zero like it made no difference
to say I mean, rather than I mean
to say,

Malt whisky, nostalgia for fire by JW

malt whisky, nostalgia for fire

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NEW: the language that surrounds us by amanda deutch

the language that surrounds us

optional. in your home.

plant walk

building walk

use the answer to listen

smudge way before

if you cannot speak,





“To garble Greta Garbo a bit, I want to be at home”

NEW: Insomniac Night Poem # 2 ambien

by Amanda Deutch

Night Poem # 2

Dance in the wooden alley of mirrors.

In the house, there amber stage lights above us.

Inverted marquee.

I am in a purple mumu, day’s heat cooling.

I try to share kisses on the phone

Pack 20 or so words in around the word 'kiss' so as

to seem less vulnerable.

As I am vulnerable very soft

Convulse volcanos explode. Well that’s what we get.

--NYC, summer 2009,
some hour in the middle of the night