Friday, April 19, 2013

combined two poems by Nazim Hikmet by BFinberg

I combined the following two poems by Nazim Hikmet and reworded them.
                        FIVE LINES
to over come lies in the heart, in the streets, in the books
from the lullabies of the mothers
to the news report that the speaker reads,
understanding, my love, what a great joy it is,  
to understand what is gone and what is on the way.
 --nazim hikmet

                   ON LIVING III
This earth will grow cold,
a star among stars
               and one of the smallest,
a gilded mote on blue velvet--
     I mean this, our great earth.
This earth will grow cold one day,
not like a block of ice
or a dead cloud even 
but like an empty walnut it will roll along
     in pitch-black space . . . 
You must grieve for this right now
--you have to feel this sorrow now--
for the world must be loved this much
           if you're going to say "I lived". . .

   --nazim hikmet
   * * *

          Untitled (Reword)
(From Nazim Hikmet Five Lines and On Living III)

Will cold stars grow among the smallest stars,
--this, our great gilded sorrow,
Must you grieve for this right now?
--feel this now?
--for the world to be this much space,
earth loved in pitch-black lullabies.
Can a great heart lie?

and you know what’s gone--
are you going to say “but I lived”?
to understand what? cold?
and what’s on the way?
Will this empty cloud 
grow still?
            --bonny finberg