Friday, June 26, 2009

New Yorker Poem by Sue Chenette (new)

New Yorker Poem

I felt separate from them in every way but at the same time could not deny the things that bound us together.
At first, he continued to sleep in the park in order to save money.
She’s a very methodical person, so she always leaves it in exactly the same spot.
He could speak Slovenian to me and he could easily disregard any of my demands.
The fundamentalists succeeded for a time.
The situation is worse than that, though.
The video shows the officers walking him to the local station and slamming the door shut on his cell.
We crept to the spot where we’d seen him.
No time for more wandering; the game was drawing down.
Somewhere I must have lost a glove.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A mite giddy on-egging By gvance

After JDick’s Corticle hyperbolia

Cult. of pop... Pop’s cult... a French store sign? Pink cream sodapop

in ’45, oilstained woodplank floor of a Mom & __’s,

dry ice feel-sniff from the

icecream freezer’s uplifted lid, boiling August early pre-glue hit

limp licorice red black fluted long in jars

Dad’s frosty rootbeer-liqued liquid

Smith Brothers cough drops

Weaned of…weaned of wieners roasted & other

marshmallowed sharpsticks stuck in a summerfire, pulled out fingerlickin’ foamy-charred


yanked latex, held’r housed’r hosed’r

darkblack boxed underbelly muffmoney concubed by a Picasso male-state

notation in tongue-languishing umbilical script

a generation’s goodgarbage thoughtfood for the next

beforeward ho


Friday, June 12, 2009

Corticle hyperbolia, by JKD

After George Vance’s 3 post-Becket posts, Synthetic Exegesis 1, then Synthetic Exegsis extract2, and the most recent Synthetic Exegesis extract 3: End

Sensual utilitarianism on forward ho! Wee bespeckled might of. Might. An uni-arthritic numerical arithmetic speechhowser housed her. Tousled. Tale. Tall. Wired-held-toss ‘em hold ‘em fold. Flippant as. Spandex. Shredded. Shrapnel. The language she loved, lolled, forth to categorizational continental breakdancers breakfasting. Bark. Bank. This isn’t as much a crash as cantaloupe. Crinoline. Crèpe urged the urgent urge-bound “clue-giver”, which homonyminally would be “nail-giver” here, not care, but snap, pound, hammer. Know where I am now? Held, housed, howled. The latex you wanted to startle with sniper-fire. Stalemate. Quilled, quelled, fleshripening basket of holly, hernias. More on “on” or then stayed off the beaten path, flayed roadway, roundbank. Connotations of clung pearls, clang peals, concubines. Triads yielding some warm admixing admonishing staged forgery of. Can you define this? Mightier? Uterine umbilical conflux of registered linkages leaked languishing linguistical pyrotechnics. Always admired the myriad phantasmagoria usages. That poem, or hysteria. Onwards, fair boy, and up! Grappling hooks, subs and speedometers. In the dark there were black boxes, body parts, twined twin thrusters ovulating underbelly of tidal concurrencies. Exsanguinate. Exchange rate. Excavation not so shy, she said, giddy whatwith forestalling notshalling. The allabove assonance of heralds, signage, signal fire. Discordance gives concomitant Karumption. This is the pop culture she was being weaned of. Summation, sum-up, summons, the garbledigoodnessess of a generation. Forthwith, onward hail!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

(Conclusion) Extract from Synesthetic Exegesis

 of “Somehow on” in S Beckett’s ‘Worstward Ho’

by G Vance



3 On



o, alone a white hole surrounded by black

n, peanut butter-yellowbrown    o + n  together, ‘on’    =    bright  yellow with goldtarnish aura   

hard nut meat  almond  Macadamian     

 light soundtexture of carhorn inthenose (horn  =   ‘on’)  (gettamove ‘on’) 

‘on’ward   forward   ahead   right’on’   forth   before (somehow before…?)  

‘on’ top of  ‘on’the way, ground, new ground  ‘on’ top of it (not yet under)  

assonance with ’awn’ of dawn   2/3 of ‘one’ step   

to worst next sump-jump  

‘on’   reversed = ‘no’  somehow ‘no’  somehow ‘know  

some ‘no’how   some ‘know’how   know’ somehow   ‘no’ somehow


‘know’how on


“nohow on”   (op. cit.)



Sensual ‘some

Utilitarian ‘how

Froward ‘on’






Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(Cont'd) Extract from Synesthetic Exegesis

of "Somehow on" in S Beckett's 'Worstward Ho'

by G Vance

2. How

‘How’: red bushy plant briskly brushing in passing 

‘how’ to get by, through, around, over the obstacle:  

Technical adverb, stickling root of met quagmires, moot sumps 

way, manner, whatever whatsoever ‘how’ever means; by whichever wherewithal

‘how’ many, much, far, deep, long, high, hard, stupid

‘how’ so, come, ‘how’ now?

Arithmetic speechpart springing measures, puzzle-solving numerics

‘how’ of Shredded Wheat reddened bristly scrub-pricks, wire-quilled fleshripper 

urging clue-giver:



Sensual ‘some’

Utilitarian ‘how’



*more on ‘on’ on another day