Monday, December 29, 2008

Technical Question

I am pretty sure I have asked this before...but still can't get it to work. How do you get extra spaces between words or indent the beginning of a line? I got it to work one time with the word, "ready, " by putting asterisks there and then changing the color to black, but no dice for all other words in the poem. eek!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New: And Love? by Amanda Deutch

And Love?

I am lost in this laughter

We’ve been socked in/ uncharacteristically

laugh, it wouldn’t
see it,
different rhythms

who winter in borrowed spaces
seeking burrows,
where corridors are music
and they are.

some degree of living buzzes in this room
maybe I’m getting older.

selective about what I play


…and for whom

cutting toward shifts listen


come home and make a pot of tea
another life

back rooms see through faces
Yes, so very still a day

Is that true?
still a day? or anxious a day?

Correction re: our previous conversation,

speaking of the dead. these hands do get cold. but it is all temporary. lay me down beside me like my childgood. childhood. no that’s very full. that sound.
after all nothing. a column of air. the answer may be an oak tree, a maple or even a magnolia.
strong intercourse should not be furthur under
oh you unfortunate animals, how do you feel?
....instead of your breast bone?


reworded from many sources, including another letter from Paul.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tailings by Jonathan Wonham

after Heads I by BBB

Wrinkled gold is the sun
behind the chapel of money.
The world sifts through its doors
like gutter change.

I cling to my bed, fly
through the polluted dawn.
I have no home to go to
until night falls.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wing-clipped by Jennifer K Dick

After Exhalation by Sean S

Aimless one of this self
stays therefore done knotted
burnt bride of this praised so sun-columbine
wax melted, tumbling Icarus she’ll
goad him now into the have-known
abstinence periwinkle without
which pretty metal feather, a mouth
less sown to thrice-stitched closure
but open she as down feather on
the breath of a moth, exhaling him.

Monday, December 15, 2008

exhalation by sean s

after I Say by Jonathan Regier

A moth one of itself
says thereby do not
burn this bride of the sun colored so Praise
God having never known abstinence
with itself or periwinkle within
a pretty metal feather, a mouth less so
but open I am a feather on the
breath of a moth.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Say by Jonathan Regier

After Beverley Bie Brahic's Heads I

I say,
-------Periwinkle is beset by fraud--
-------On the other hand,
-------Having never known abstinence with itself,
-------Is limpid and warm.

I say,
-------Gold is a very pretty metal,
-------And I never saw one without feathers
-------Colored so. A moth is of itself
-------A feather of one, and thereby burns
-------Less so, Praise God, than the bird of the sun.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marrakesh, by jkd

After Beverley Bie Brahic's Heads I

Preternatural orange is the eye
behind the glasses. And violet to the west where peacocks
preen between bushes, plush green
of gutters by sandstreets. Soon carpet
salesmen with their musical caterwauling
lure the western-garbed tourists inside

I lift from my bedroll, weak-armed,
the pale day carrying me like something departing
carved to what’s left of bulk’s skeletal
settling its invisible remains in a corner
of the remote sidewalk. Hand to wall to
tracing its own path homeward.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Itinerant Eye by Geo Vance

after J Dick’s ‘Cool Day…’ & A Deutch’s ‘An Eye…’

enormous square-like field of donuts beside
dope-crowded mind reflected in water
late-American printed day
see you through me say lines go on forever

intersection of copped houses . ransacked feels-
like thinking screwy beside all of it and nothing
reaching over me sacred cast off Paris devotees

want someofit

late-blue-refracted lollypops


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cool day blinked back to here by JKD

After Amanda Deutch's Eye is wide open like day

thistle-field of simple neighboring
this beside
my silence full of thinking, intersections
like copped feels
old, ransacked houses
beside this itinerant warble

handcream, band-aides, lollypops, sugar, coffee
with extra cream—
I want all of it

and nothing

reaching me
tidal mobilised in a
refractive stumble

say me
seeing eye
over here
to lead find follow guide chase
chastise me
outside the heartland
in line with this once-forgotten America-
like day in a Paris casually
late for blue
or devotées

our linear patterning
sacred angle
cast off, one might say on forever,
or to the more realistic, closer spaces, you
east of a series of rivers and planes, me
across the next ocean

Monday, December 1, 2008

New: An Eye is Wide & Open Like the Day by Amanda Deutch

All (or most) words Reworded from Edwin Denby sonnets

An Eye is Wide & Open Like The Day
by Amanda Deutch

stop simply and
neighbor me
beside this itinerant mind
full of thinking, dope, enormous intersection
like squares, crowded streets

toothpaste, witch hazel, ice cream, cigars, soup,
I don’t want any of it.

all I want is you
reach to me

reach me
move like water in a

say you
see me
over here
find me, outside the heart
out of line with this American
day, casually
late, blue

our lines,
we, our lines
screwy angle
but the lines go on forever.