Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rebar by JKD

A re-wording of Louise Bak's Absorptive (tuesday poem number 38 on Dusie) by Jennifer K Dick

An arm’s worth more than its length

to be the adjoining corner’s sidewall,
building past its broken fringe rigid part

turned out into the groan oiled wrist thigh-

high circumnavigation, flap, found the “e”

in society in “I. Konigsburg” a flattened curve

backed all the way down to the A36 this case

a violin’s, a booked room, a change of clothes

hand slapped on top bar (swerved briefly) a cross

creased a line: the medicinal pump beeps

intravenous short puffs on the welt pocket: kneeling

to redness that pearlescent button through a loop,

to readiness, arm yourself, lean out to a bunched

bottle-neck, mapping induced enclosures’ square of

the earth’s root, dot, branch, broadened bifocalized

line joining the articulation of sound body casted

from a note or bracken barked upland paper 
resists strokes, to resist paper, stroke, stoke the f

glancing at an insect''s reduced convexity, glassline

nudged its slid corner slightly abrasive raised as

if to mumble  from fallen, a  crown, yank the cart

-ilage rhomboids, sestets, a following as with a flick

or the assigned rival, hinge, 90° to contained obsolescence.