Sunday, March 27, 2011

for Daphie (by sean s)

Sitting down to this -- what is always
the first thing?

OMG WTF am i DO ing i have NO thing



III. Tips For Better Sleep
Even moresothan that list of Do Today, there is, before dousing your lights,

The sunlight outside is cold and dry. Shadows
of birds flit

over the windowpanes, ghosts of this moment.

In times of drought, or frozen lakes, consider
your head, along the back and sides
is sticky, soft, stretched.
Perhaps pink.
Unpull it.
Pluck through it like a schoolteacher's songpractice
drifting upstairs through the floor.

A hoodie and coat to take out the trash
before the latticed silhouette of that bare tree abetting the lake.
My frozen lake.

Your purse under your arm,
and off you go, taking steps like the back of your head.

Monday, March 21, 2011

needle trading off (grief is good)

>>>"Piece Work" (Laura Mullen>>>LisaP, JKD) &
>>>"Gold" (RQ)

porous pin cushion plum outta autofills
which hole to plug, which’n gets pricked,
it’s a rhetorical o ring dummy pattern
shit trap not to speak (to), see, know
whatchr lookn at cephalothorax pin the tail
yumdummie like child candieneck
lace blind center stuffed stapled bloke
hokeypoke folded fold it’s a it’s a
it’s a hopskotch, watchnknow where
yr toes go, patch pieces, bleedwork
which box to stick, which ball to kick
one up one down open close frontward
fwhap! black right leftbehind yellow
nomo advent advantageous calendar
seasoned f'n greedy taker no no no more 
seams line up ahead flaggn signless to
stop automatic capitalization defining
default autopilot muslin itchy dressie
bessie once upon a bassackwards time
(scratch/   balls)     
bun(ga) bun(ga) lady
it's someone else's turn.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

NEW: Gold by Rufo Q

Oh good grief, Benozzo Gozzoli, it's
like looking at a photo of yourself
as a child: where did it all go wrong?
There was a world of cushions once, before the C.E.O.
was stapled by his tongue to the toilet-bowl.
Oh sing that lullaby again, Good Grief,
the golden one.