Sunday, September 14, 2008

cookie monster by sean s

reworded, with apologies, after JKD's Every Reflection Comes Back To One

Everyone comes back to
lifting cookies.

my teeth clacking on the yummy crumbs
(well okay, "munching" would be better,
maybe, a better image, not to
mention it would dovetail sonically into "yummy
crumbs" more nicely, and what is
cookie eating if not nice?
but she didn't use "munching" did she?)

in your larynx =
you are doing it wrong.

o cookie, chewy echo of the fire
in us all, meeting
itself under my hungry chandelier.

When I was still too little to
remember my age, dad
called me into their bedroom and
confronted my tiny person: Did you eat the cake
in the refrigerator last night?

o the holy glow of the bulb
in the kitchen night, my hands in
the icing. Thinking fast: I think it was Cookie

It was the best lie I ever told. Sometimes
even Cookie Monster has to
settle for cake.

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