Thursday, April 29, 2010

pantalooz by sean s

Oh dear. My hair's hairs unwashed.
Why I can't just DO a thing
I must addition cost.

Your portmandoollarloondoubleaux
O wacky neotropes
O Shakespeherian

Zoo spending has increased a yellow
fog on our checkbooks and plastic
Our plasbooks, our maze, the mayzoo, zoonpants pantlaps, pantflaps, zoopants
arghsonovaon our wheres, ou wheres we do not know.
Congratulations, it's a clown!
I am
excited and yoghurt no, and yoghurt, yes!
so much. so full.

so much. so full. so much.
Viewers, Middle America, fellow tax evaders, this race is tighter than Charo's pants.
You'd get lost down there (I have (this was not paren
parenthetical, but this is, mea culpa)

forget to come upThat's for air.
That's no moon! That's a space station in pinstripes.

Let's get forrealz for a second.
The fact is that we're still stuck with Kan
the last 2000 yrs have been nothing but an oscillation
(let's see 20, 18 19, y3s) a stiff wind,
we are returning between two poles.
Yes, the north and the south! And now they are flipping like pants. trousers!
across thte entire globe. the globe, yo.
pretty soon they will be flipping too flippin fast to see them, that's how fast
this race is.

Knock knock.
Who's there, there.
A hoarse walks into a bar.
A horse walks into a bar who?
The bartender says, Why the long face?, and he says, I caught this drinking problem from

my doctor and it's destroying my family. No goddammit, wait a second

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Gerry Boyd said...

very interesting. bravo!