Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas card, by Lisa Pasold

Here I am trying to spoil all that wanting between landscape and drawing, the usual latent stationary for recycled causes. To complain that we use a language, any of them, to pull us apart, drenching the view with a different syllable. Happy holidays! Glad your envelope isn't here. (Nothing is empty.) What if we say the relationship was successful, simply not permanent. There. Lick sealed this Unicef card’s melting view of the glitter-bedecked polar bear. To find your address will require a Sunday strike-through. Pull that hat hard down for 4 minutes, for 33 seconds. And hold. 


Celisty Petrict said...

marry Christmas to you....

floor tilers

Jennifer K Dick said...

I loved this little gem of a poem, Lisa!