Thursday, January 31, 2013

Like it Matters by Nancy Dzina

(is a poem within the poem AutoBiOblit)

Unblanked paper deceives. Quineauesque
introduction: disbosom. Pan-o-ram. Cotton Mather
implies licking, saucy, underlying substance. Chops.
Poetry got spendy. Losses may be paid by removal,
exposure, but not zero-sum style. Not prim.
Striptease, strip poker, speak easy but don’t
give it away. Hatta’s game is always afoot.
Starting gate is finish line. In the velodrome
of writing prompts, we are all of us going
on earth, all “rosy of glow” every time.
Where eternal repetition  means more than
broken record, form alone gives me
the slip. Probably pink. Imagine an ellipsis
no longer material. It’s Carl Sagan time, &
a no-brainer down to the letter. I know
therefore I am Superfluous Girl. Why try?

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