Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scavenged edit (tardy entry)

by george vance after 'Could' by L. Pasold

unstuck flash-lit flesh
bound in a solar-iced blackroom

custodial argue-meant conciergial cant

key of lost-utopia

vous. do that voodoo that
conceived her s’well
(bed of the stricken pickup, history of)

finger-feeling into blurred silhouette. semblant.

as if there were a ‘were’



George Vance said...

Quick keyword scan:
red metal wings
white sight root arc
night light touch stick strike
flesh black means key darkness
bright getting meat scavenge eye angelic
gray bruise loop water
dream half picnic pool swimming
body finger deeper come go bowl
whole can’t rise curve slope lives
wooden blur lip
silhouette through
will summon glass unduly right left
headdress draw us we I you he it she they
them our their your my
her its his forth back once many
twice never other another couple undone
done part while haze leaf dog summer
skirt man girl woman together begin
ashes stood lying
still closed memory
more moment moot fell fall clear morning
windows wonder wander
cores suck juice apple wind home blind
right wrong sky filtered tail forward
snow folds autumn parting moot blood
storm no crescent

George Vance said...

quick scan