Thursday, December 27, 2007

From atop a garbage heap someone shouts Amanda Deutch

After "skulture" and "box that contained champagne glasses" by G. Vance and "shine" by S. Browning,

today weaved to freighters
I spy saliva in the checkout line
little else to buy in Queen’s bodegas and corner stores
empty shelves sell over priced milk,
cornpops, raisin brain, a splotchy green bell pepper
cubic emptiness in these parts is costly
swallowing a shopping bag would help you fit in.
bone to bone glints thick and shiny, but everyone on the street has eyes pasted to escape. they’ll never. the sea is just a short train ride or walk from here. but muscles weaved to magazines and propoganda machines know so little of freedom. are you tired? try this. my doctor prescribed it. poetry is almost illegal here in this the glass industry of self. If you take the pill, you will forget all about future and mystery.
I’ll just keep on walking.

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