Saturday, March 7, 2009

[ fragment ] by sean s

after First by Michelle Naka Pierce

A hypostasis
it will be. Between word and word, (and) word,
and will be, another between.
The loss of the impossible a result of not
knowing. A breeze creaks along
a north wind, we say north wind when
it is from the north.
Not headed north. Not tended. It took me along
to learn that what was ahead will be (a long time)
without a name.

1 comment:

Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey Seanster,

Excellent "fragment" (as it were, though feels like an excellent whole little poem, really).

I hope that you are doing more of these! I am enjoying your posts, and wish you were in Paris with me instead of far off in the land of Madison!!!! Bises, Jen