Tuesday, September 15, 2009

from Circadian Rhythm by Amit Dwibedy

After "Circadian Rhythm" by Jennifer K Dick

through cycles.

vast cobalt torso

frothed belljars

The morass of
that dream
of belonging

like coughs.
her lured

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Jennifer K Dick said...

Hi Amit
Note that I altered your subject line? It is because the poem is by you and not me. So your name goes in the subject line, mine in the post which begins with the "after X poem by Y" with an internal link. I noted in the draft that perhaps you want the words of your poem to move around the page. To do that, I put "...." and then color those black, thus spacing them out. Cool to see you posting!

I like the sieving effect here. I am so nonminimal, and this is so streamlined!!!!