Friday, September 11, 2009

Neighbor by Brandon Shimoda

after The Dangerous Part of Sleep is the Afternoon by J Regier, after Sleep Cycles by Jennifer K Dick, after Sue Chennette's What Was Offered

Dangerous parting of sleep
From terrible head
As grease responsibility
Desperate for reason is a feller

Pear upon a moistened sail
Winter afternoon, I found
Starry skin

And anemic for women
And men
Delicacy of the nose
Inserting itself into the hole

As danger masks starling to greet
I will soon be eating my neighbor's house
From winter splits
Or die. Soon also be eating my neighbor

1 comment:

Jennifer K Dick said...

OOOOOOO! I am delighting in the twists and turns we are all taking off of Sue Chenette's original post! I added the internal links to the previous poems, by the by, hope that is ok. Nice poem Brandon!!!!