Saturday, October 3, 2009

to the amish cabin by sean s

after Medusa by JKD

A trip to the Amish cabin
A distant will scattered amidst the provinces.
Route 14, a detour

Inside her sensorium surrounded by oversized sunglasses.
Sundaes. Daysuns
in mirrors shining from the backseat.

NYC - part danger, part reason.
A medusa clinging in your hair. A job hunt,
the revving of a leap that never jumps.
Squeezing a meantime novel from clotted sinuses,
another anemic winter on its way, your handwriting
blurring the distance between hibernation,
hanging from that bed post or the

The mileage sleeps her dyedred locks
into the passenger seat curling. Shavings
of connection, split ends flying
down four palms of wheel on the road.

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