Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seventina III

(see JKD & Sean S entries' comments for more info on this Seventies Project)

my hippy mother's rainbow-tie-dyed friends in communal bellbottoms, cinematic Hair, long long long inhaled conversations re. digging latrines, Buckminster Fuller
putting the YES back into Polyester. but who was Idi Amin, i thought 'Idiot Amen' (he was a despot so it made sense.) Kool-Aid politics and Hamburger Helper at home
with Sonny & Cher vs Donny & Marie face-off in kindergarten.


Gerry Boyd said...

Groovy vignette! Well written.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Yeah, I agree with Gerry. The best of our three seventinas by far. You grooooove girl!