Sunday, January 31, 2010

Discosextain II (or Seventina II) by JKD

after Sean S Seventina I

Pre-espresso, taking lubes, heroine-chic post-acidhead we were
The 70s going for the Disco glam, the sequins, lounging out in a
post-hippy haze, listening to K-Tel record’s Top One Hundred:
Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder
Groovin’ to the Bee-Gees on Solid Gold Saturday afternoons.
In white polyester bellbottoms, Sat Night Fever style, thinkin’
If Barney Miller isn’t Bewitched, then perhaps we are Bob Marley?

NOTE: Sean S & I call on everyone for this miniproject: 11 7-line minipoems/stanzas all about the 70s. See comments for more.

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Jennifer K Dick said...

SEVENTIES poems : a series of 7 lines each, until we hit 77 lines, thus 11 posts with the MAX number of funky disco pop culture 70s references possilble

Some websites with vocab to help:
There is also the more, or less, serious history one, at:

Regardless, the idea is to have a plethora of vocab like Pet Rocks
to Motown or "leisure suits"--which I read were even banned eventually from certain establishments! Read in:

I also read that bread was 24cents and the ave salary was under 8000 dollars!.

Sean's suggestion was to call them sextains, I added Disco, as he said sextains: " like captains only with sex in them".

We hope 11 people can put up 7 lines about the 70s!!!, then we will gather them all and put it up as a single 77-line "Discosextain" poem!