Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Language Apart by JW

After Sean Standish's "To say how we use a language pulls us and our words apart like quarks"

A language apart, to pull us like quarks and say how we use our words.
A language to pull us apart, like quarks. We say our words and use how
we like our quarky language. Words pull us apart. To say how, and use a
language, we say to words: "pulls us and our quarks apart". How like a used

language our pulled-apart quarks: words, to say how we like. And us, a use
apart, a quark-like use - our words and language, to say how we pull us
apart - to say how we, quark-like, use a language. Our words pull us and,
like quarks, we pull apart. A language says how to, and our words use us.

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