Monday, May 3, 2010

leakage outtowards, by JKD

After Sean S's Pantalooz and George Vance's Oh.

I caught this drinking problem from the bartender say

I caught this thinking problem from the carburettor then rev

-ing me home again), It is this stumfumbling in the back of radiowaves
caught this I
might say

“walk into a bar”
might yammer on ’bout “knock, knock” then
clipped caught caper-copper feelin’ the fandango of this

caught up in the I got, yellow snapper, snipped up in the snipe-wipe your hands clean of my, I gotta say, this paper sallow shape of the porcelain base, gotta know it, chipped, chipper
swept clear clean of myself then
outta fuel
vaporized I

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