Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 JD

(new) by gv

A whirlwind moves off southeasterly

carrying along fragments, phonemes, po-emes

blocks of text ramifying


enjambed ideas stained into wordwoof

nonstop force forthing along alphabet, streets,

galleries, roads, waterways, rhythmings, soundclusters, friends.

Moves off to other turns at life and art and


Will swirl back a day or another it is expected, hoped.

Like a sort-of-era sort-of-ending.



Jennifer K Dick said...

Wow, George. Here I am all moping about the move after our great afternoon out and then I come over to rewords and read this. Thank you. I feel now more moved and teary eyed and sad about going, and all our art outings, which will have to be scheduled for returns!!!

This was beautiful, thank you!!!!

George Vance said...

C'est normal, as we say in France. We'll have many more chances to keep the moment/movement going. See you Monday for the van venture!

Jennifer K Dick said...

Ah, the van venture! Shall likely be less poetic, though kind of worth a "how many poets does it take to load a van?" joke. :)

Have a great weekend in the country. This poem was beautiful. I felt so moved and honored. I feel so moved and honored--as I head off so southeasterly!!!