Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The radiant point, by Megan M. Garr

After Untitled by David Caddy

Look up.
The wind picks up
more than just the sound of

the subtle, approaching onslaught—
count the silicate ablaze.

Every event is this event.
Every night this night
in arms, her desire, that stars exit their solar gestures,
your bare feet on timber boards, the sleeping
child, the phone rings.

This is history but not history,
you have been here,
are here again.

Look out
in any direction and
get your bearings in the storm of them.
Their parallel, perfect speed, their perfect disappearance.

Perhaps the hand opens out.
Wouldn’t that be something.


David Caddy said...

YAY!! Thank you Megan.

Megan M Garr said...

Thanks for kicking it off for me, David! I enjoyed your poem.

Jennifer K Dick said...

And I enjoyed both poems! Thanks for these posts!!!!

Anna Garr said...

that gave me chills