Sunday, January 8, 2012

New: De Keersmaeker at Le Manège de Reims


bodysongs corpophony
helping hands helping the quick helping the
dying into the grave
dead reawakening from the black bower
tercento tones and peasantry Brueg’ling crowds
called to task by a farmer’s kyrie
outof infrom the body
nurse’s therapist’s gestures

quickfreeze tableaux

moving bodies moving moving bodies
jumprunning scampering fucking about
surveiling guarding safeguarding
presented selves focus on far points no points
running amock saved by more helpingquick hands


group vectors herd-pointing
a yelling plainsong
sharing spots, places taking turns in them
taking turns being human taking turns being
a specific human
saying good-bye to 700 years of yesterdays




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George Vance said...

This is not a religious blog, in case anybody missed it.

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