Sunday, April 1, 2012

Glint by JKD

girlurgling quilted morningsong
spun stunned Persephone
towered dreamwaking from under
the grave dead gesture
of emergence


outof infrom
a test’s tasked
quickfreeze tableau

farscape or shouder-point
nightyearnings’ link
between known (non) points
vector in plainsong
to b
sharing spots, places taken
in turnstyles
being (to be)
a specific sonogram


Jennifer K Dick said...

This is my April 1st poem-a-day for 30 days poetry month contribution.

Thank you CARRIE ETTER for encouraging me to decide to do this, and to Sarah Lariviere and Jane Cope whose awesome energy as we talked about the exciting writing of Ariana Reines and Bhanu Kapil, Susan Howe, Alice Notley and so many others, made me really jazzed up about April 1st--there are so many people today who may be writers anyway, but have decided all together to put paper to pen and reach to unveil the dark lines of script, to strike at the empty of that page, of its awaiting.

Note2: some poems from this April aprilism of poeming I may stick up here on rewords, others may never show up out of my little notebook. But anyway, I am participating in this lovely movement to write a poem a day.

How did I begin? Not with this rewords, in fact--first I scribbled some other things, lists of my sadnesses, lines dividing one page from another, mini sketches of here and what I hear in my friend's home as I lie awake and play at making writing here on the cusp of sleep where dream is the perfect poem, vibrant, uninhibited, dangerous, alive... I guess I shall go drift off now to commune with that!

And thanks most of all to you, George, who wrote a poem I felt like letterig back to.

George Vance said...

Great April debut - no foolin'. Good to be back-bouncing again.Ne te Jen pas!

Jennifer K Dick said...

Thanks Geo! My poem of today for public-ish consumption was a mini poem after Amanda Deutch. Keeping rewords alive...