Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eurydice's vision, by JKD

After Sarah Larivière's Turnstiles and Rainer Maria Rilke's VII Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes in the translation by J.B. Leishman (1976 publication by Hogarth Press, London)

And there, winding through the silver-ored darkness in need of a glimpse
palm up

fish-eyed, cateracted blue-hued no more than a bulb’s pivot seeking sight
the needlepalm

the napalmed blossoming orange-red flair of –up—and—this—and she, centerfolded,
wraps, palm-frond

emerges into the jilted sage spread-eagled lip pelvic opened canister of pornography,

a sentence(d) akin to the stem or coat-tails collar in the act of being carried off

stuck at the catch threshold ground–surfaced mustard yellow in the potting shed torn
snapshot palm of  

her-rooted sound of heavy porphyry in the darkness’ red red rudding of to see just
her palm

held single twistered pathway round turning unto and back to and recalling silk-smoothed

reached out towards near tactile field-space breathed into contact’s untouching festered

night underworld sword-shrouding length of sheathed castoff to be stretched, carried upwards
over Avernus’ palm

then backtripped, she's returned to thickspun cocoon ear-muffled silence undersnow, re-grounded here in her, 

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