Monday, February 18, 2008

rouge by Lisa Pasold

after "Sequins" by JKD feb 18 & "Grocery Disaster" by Amanda Deutsch feb 16

grown worm out of silk, red-feathered, writhing
tattoo winged snake. admiring herself

flash flesh from this angle, or that one, thinking
Betty Boop? Medea? eating cherries

bought and brought inside yesterday
from the pushcart vendor, a little soft now, over
ripe, resting the pits on her navel. whoever believed
it was an apple, way back when? had no
imagination. red lip, she rolls, hydrant streaks,

pollen, stands up stretching out the window
slurp and strut (spit cherry pit
onto the floor), hollering out lovely
into the filth of morning light.

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