Monday, February 18, 2008

Sequins by JKD

After ‘Scavenged Edit’ by George Vance, posted December 12th 2007, & ‘Grocery Disaster” posted by Amanda Deutch, February 16th 2008.

Her dress unstuck red flash-lit flesh bound
she wore tilling days torn, feathered, bare threaded

grocery or bodega-bound
in a solar-iced blackroom

finger-feeling into blurred silhouette. semblant.
custodial argue, meant conciergial cant
key of lost-utopia, a red, a maroon, a marginal
vous. As if here were a

split cart roll on the sidewalk under the fire spilt.
wears or worn out by, t’es où? whereby rouge and her
flushed cheeks hydrant-stret stet strut
the hard-starched hem (bed of the stricken
pickup, history of) her, or lovely
you on her back in the flash flesh
stem, or that stamen in the filth

pollen-coated morning (her mourned, her
mounted plight) quake. conceived
her s’well, yellowed, marigold, mustard scent.
etched into seeing a spec or grime off polluted
light do that, s’can’t, she can
too as if there were a ‘were’ here

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