Saturday, February 2, 2008

Down to the Line by Jonathan Wonham

After Drive-by by Barbara Beck, Roppongi by Maitresse and On She Sells by Sean S.

Glance over my shoulder
        into lonely wishing
               damnedest charade
               seized by a man.

Roadsided stopgap
               cementing my garden
thumbing every transport
               that I can.

Paralysed winces of a child
                      squeezed between
               nose-blowing and never

        Flawed thickets,
                      swallow-packed banks.
               Offending snows
        of bobbing

Waited as long
               as a well brought up girl should,
mystified holder
of quiet

Too barbarian, each
too wordily
                      its elbows
               on unseen bars.

        Somewhere between
a stopgap
               and a tourniquet
money's laws
               dole out
                      shoals of time.

One briney

A girl's strong        handbones.

A wet rag muffling
               the taste
               of her eyes.

        in a maid's mouth.
               of a high rise.

Captively opaque
                      down to the line.

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Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey Jon, what did you think of the little prose poem I wrote after this? I thought it was fun to take bits of your language and your narrative and then skew them into this pop culture ish poem, totally in contrast with where the orig language was. I really admire many of your lines in here, and found that they evoked so much for me, made me want to play off of them in so many ways, but also just to enjoy reading them here in your great piece!