Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New: And Love? by Amanda Deutch

And Love?

I am lost in this laughter

We’ve been socked in/ uncharacteristically

laugh, it wouldn’t
see it,
different rhythms

who winter in borrowed spaces
seeking burrows,
where corridors are music
and they are.

some degree of living buzzes in this room
maybe I’m getting older.

selective about what I play


…and for whom

cutting toward shifts listen


come home and make a pot of tea
another life

back rooms see through faces
Yes, so very still a day

Is that true?
still a day? or anxious a day?

Correction re: our previous conversation,

speaking of the dead. these hands do get cold. but it is all temporary. lay me down beside me like my childgood. childhood. no that’s very full. that sound.
after all nothing. a column of air. the answer may be an oak tree, a maple or even a magnolia.
strong intercourse should not be furthur under
oh you unfortunate animals, how do you feel?
....instead of your breast bone?


reworded from many sources, including another letter from Paul.

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