Monday, December 29, 2008

Technical Question

I am pretty sure I have asked this before...but still can't get it to work. How do you get extra spaces between words or indent the beginning of a line? I got it to work one time with the word, "ready, " by putting asterisks there and then changing the color to black, but no dice for all other words in the poem. eek!



Jennifer K Dick said...

Hi Amanda. I put dot dot dots and then color them black to get spaces. It is a tiresome and irksome process, as often you have to go back and respace things a bunch of times as the blogger program counts them funny sometimes. But I know of no other way of doing this, sorry. Perhaps Jon Wonham or Sean Standish would have some ideas? They are the blogger and the computer pros. Check with them.

standish said...

The varying amount of space taken up by asterisks is probably par for the course in using non-monospace fonts. It appears that blogger doesn't allow use of the "pre" tag (<pre>), which preserves whitespace in the area tagged. That would be a nice easy fix to use, so that's too bad.

Meanwhile you can also use the HTML symbols for whitespace characters. There are:

nbsp = non-breaking space (space character)

You have to put & before the "nbsp" and ; at the end, so you have the symbol:


And you have to use that symbol for every space you want to insert. The markup is ugly, but it does the trick:

     <- here are five spaces

I'm thinking about how else this might be done, since it seems to be useful among you crazy poets.

Amanda Deutch said...


I think that I almost understand what you wrote. :)

Jen, I tried the dots and then when I went to the blog, they hadn't colored black as expected.

oh well, thanks guys.


George Vance said...

Hello all. I use the same trick as Jen, but any symbol will do, such as space (just highlight spaces wanted, then color black; it will look black in the editing field),or period,circumflex etc.
Should work. Good luck.