Monday, December 1, 2008

New: An Eye is Wide & Open Like the Day by Amanda Deutch

All (or most) words Reworded from Edwin Denby sonnets

An Eye is Wide & Open Like The Day
by Amanda Deutch

stop simply and
neighbor me
beside this itinerant mind
full of thinking, dope, enormous intersection
like squares, crowded streets

toothpaste, witch hazel, ice cream, cigars, soup,
I don’t want any of it.

all I want is you
reach to me

reach me
move like water in a

say you
see me
over here
find me, outside the heart
out of line with this American
day, casually
late, blue

our lines,
we, our lines
screwy angle
but the lines go on forever.

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Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey you, the person I mean is "East of a series of rivers and planes" in my reword of your lovely poem. Hope all is well on the E coast of the states. I am off to Las Vegas next week, so will be back in the USA that your poem evoked so strongly for me. I have missed you rewording, but after this time I notice a new kind of language here. It is nice to see a new kind of American idiom, perhaps even a folksiness (meant in a positive way) in the language here, at once a bit WCW but also very much Duncan and others of his generation. Bises, Jen