Monday, January 12, 2009

hearing her by Sue Chenette

..........after Sliver by JKD

hearing her
sparks converging
emboldened splotch of meteorites
(from which supine body?)

chipped darkness
braceleted in languid language

leveled fever dream
sliver where from out
contained fire
soundwave spike



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Einar said...

Sliver of Purpose Emerging
After “hearing her” by Sue Chenette

What I hear is a baby crying for comfort in the night.
What I see are the sparks of dreams evaporating into consciousness.
My awakeness is emboldened by the bracing chill of throwing off the covers.
I stumble through my anticipation of spit up milk and poop.

Waves sounding her discomfort wash over me.
The milk warms in the fire of the microwave.
Her cries ebb to murmurs and dreams.
A sliver of my existence has found purpose.