Friday, January 16, 2009

simple neighboring by barbara beck

mostly after (put in (words mouths)) by sean s

what she does half beside the sacred
angle uncaves a little pleasing
pleasures double in the morning

stepwise the same hazy street
for walking blood closer
to stone's share

could recognize as hers
dwindling to a crumple mussed nearly
together Sunday's carnival of bare limbs

lashed in parallel couples everywhere
bluegray tromping around the block
being constant and distractible

by curbs or glass spitting farrago
payoffs she hopes forbiddenly about space
kicking in less onslaught

on skin it is the same day
always the other person rounded
shoulder she gives alike

1 comment:

Jennifer K Dick said...

This is a great poem, BB! Nice to see you rewording again, and hope to run into you in Paris soon