Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Hauntless Wind by Brandon Shimoda

after A First Hypothesis by Jonathan Wonham

Even so
It was the first hypothesis. Who said
So tramp
The result was once a loss? The tramp said
He grew a horn

Of knowing. Now that is impossible
However, But
By shining a sharpened light
Into the daw's bridal hemorrhage, The possible
Came in
Spite of its loss. The creek

Became a flood
The daw drew out its losses
Destroyed the lap of potatoes

Would they grow angry? They would grow
Was the second hypothesis

The creek became distant
The result of which
Was not exactly proof of its disappearance. However

The daw
Wore a wig
In its illness, Breaching the flattened temperature
Of illness
The result of which
Was not knowing, Exactly, But

Result. The tramp put the rubber into his cheek
For the day before he had first kissed
But who, The tramp
Was in a room
With an angular black
Only a hauntless wind in mind

The more the tramp turned, the less
The tramp shone
The less the tramp shone; It said yes

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