Friday, April 10, 2009


Support your fellow REWORDERS by keeping their presses alive!!!
Here are a few announcements of recent publications:

Sandy Florian published "The Tree of No" with Action Books this winter, ( ),
Rufo Quintavalle published his first chapbook, "Make Nothing Happen", from Oystercatcher Press in the UK, ( ),
Nicholas Manning with his first book, "Novaless" (Otoliths Press) & watch his blog for announcements of a soon forthcoming chapbook from another press.
Matt Reeck with "Sieve" (Other Rooms Press) & “Love Songs & Laments” (Goss 183: Casa Menendez/mipoesias)
Jill Darling with "Begin with May" (Fishing Line Press) & the eBook "Solve For" (BazeVox books, at (free online!!!)
Sue Chenette with new chapbooks: “A Transport of Grief” (hand-sewn, hardcover, LyricalMyricalPress, 2007,, “Solitude in Cloud and Sun” (Silver Maple Press, 2007), as well as “Weathering, an exchange of poems” (a chapbook length renga, with Maureen Scott Harris, Ruth Roach Pierson, Patria Rivera, and Julie Roorda from Silver Maple Press, 2008: available from
Chris Pusateri with "Anon" (BlazeVox Books, )
Laura Mullen, Sawako Nakayasu & Jennifer K Dick have work in Reworder-coedited (Christina Mengert, with nonreworder Joshua Marie Wilkinson) "12 x 12: Conversations in 21st Century Poetry & Poetics" anthology from University of Iowa Press (
Sawako Nakayasu has two new books: "Hurry Home Honey" (Burning Deck, April 2009) and coming out "Texture Notes" (Letter Machine Editions, November 2009) and recent translations and a dusie chap from 2007 are also out.
Michelle Noteboom & Amanda Deutch have Dusie chapbooks coming out with the dusie kollectiv project, run by reworder Susana Gardner, a very exciting project where 50 poets are making chaps of each others’ works.
Michelle Naka Pierce's most recent collection is "Beloved Integer," (Pub Lush / Bootstrap Press, 2007)
Jennifer K. Dick, with nonreworders Susana Sulic (Spanish), Jacques de Longeville (French) and Italian artist Georgio Fidone, have a collaborative artist book with 4 original paintings by Fidone just out “Ondulations”, (Aeneis Editions, France, 2009)
Alistair Noon with "At the Emptying of Dustbins" from Oystercatcher Press
Virginie Poitrasson has an eChapbook at (free sample online, then purchase for great price!) & her miniBook "Demi-valeurs" (éditions de l'attente)
Alexander Dickow's first collection (bilingual no less), "Caramboles", appeared from Argol Press, France last fall (2008).
Lisa Pasold has a novel forthcoming this summer, so watch for that!!! Her book "A Bad Year for Journalists" also appeared with Frontenac Press in 2006 (
Beverley Bie Brahic’s translations of Françis Ponge also appeared this year: “Unfinished Ode to Mud” ( See her site, for all the info about her books, including a translation of a book by Cixous, Hyperdream, that is in press thus soon forthcoming at Polity, Cambridge, UK.
Brandon Shimoda’s “The Inland Sea”, a long poem, is available through Tarpaulin Sky Press,, as well as “The Alps” (Flim Forum Press, 2008, )
Laura Mullen's most recent publication is "Murmur", (Futurepoem Books, 2006,
Jonathan Regier’s first collection, “Three Years from Upstate” is now out from Six Gallery Press, (

Some reworders are also making magazines happen, such as:

Barbara Beck getting the next issue and readings for "Upstairs at Duroc" in Paris together
Lauren Elkin (aka maitresse) who runs "Hitotoki Paris" (and is looking for Paris-based texts for that)
Sean Standish would like to get a "Hitotoki Madison, WI", together if you have Madison texts for him!
Megan Garr at Versal has a new issue forthcoming this spring: to pre-order or check in! Or check out the online videopoetics review run by reworder Nicholas Manning: The Continental Review:

Or Book Presses run by Reworders:

Julie Carr co-edits with Tim Roberts, COUNTERPATH PRESS (, & Susana Gardner runs DUSIE Books(

***Not a definitive listing, so please let JenD know of other publications for next reworders' publications announcement, to be posted this June! ***

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