Sunday, April 12, 2009

New: Good Taste Can Only Go So Far by Amanda Deutch

Good Taste Can Only Go So Far

Good Taste Corporation and Gertel’s Bakery keep me awake. Grinding steel gates. Bright lights. Slip of a thing. Sleep on sweaty sheets. Remember the louts, the scoundrels? Open your arms. Tell me your beats. All sorts pass in front of the window. That makes it a good window. God only knows, Shirley. Spring is here. The magnolias and cherry blossoms are in bloom. The crocuses push through tough soil. Let's not mention irises. I find them ugly. You want me to take a picture of you as a beetle? Hunched over on all fours. What would a beetle do today?… Suppose it depends on what kind of beetle, how large, and in what climate exactly it's living. Oh beetley beetle, what will your day be like?

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