Monday, June 22, 2009

A mite giddy on-egging By gvance

After JDick’s Corticle hyperbolia

Cult. of pop... Pop’s cult... a French store sign? Pink cream sodapop

in ’45, oilstained woodplank floor of a Mom & __’s,

dry ice feel-sniff from the

icecream freezer’s uplifted lid, boiling August early pre-glue hit

limp licorice red black fluted long in jars

Dad’s frosty rootbeer-liqued liquid

Smith Brothers cough drops

Weaned of…weaned of wieners roasted & other

marshmallowed sharpsticks stuck in a summerfire, pulled out fingerlickin’ foamy-charred


yanked latex, held’r housed’r hosed’r

darkblack boxed underbelly muffmoney concubed by a Picasso male-state

notation in tongue-languishing umbilical script

a generation’s goodgarbage thoughtfood for the next

beforeward ho


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