Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(Cont'd) Extract from Synesthetic Exegesis

of "Somehow on" in S Beckett's 'Worstward Ho'

by G Vance

2. How

‘How’: red bushy plant briskly brushing in passing 

‘how’ to get by, through, around, over the obstacle:  

Technical adverb, stickling root of met quagmires, moot sumps 

way, manner, whatever whatsoever ‘how’ever means; by whichever wherewithal

‘how’ many, much, far, deep, long, high, hard, stupid

‘how’ so, come, ‘how’ now?

Arithmetic speechpart springing measures, puzzle-solving numerics

‘how’ of Shredded Wheat reddened bristly scrub-pricks, wire-quilled fleshripper 

urging clue-giver:



Sensual ‘some’

Utilitarian ‘how’



*more on ‘on’ on another day


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