Saturday, July 25, 2009

check this box by lisa pasold

after Boite sans rien dedans by Alex Dickow & Unboxed by JKD

limping with nothing inside, this morphology frustrates the collage of symbolism. the iris dilates, liasons forced open, abandoned. lips usable but held hostage by some nullified journalistic intention. we'll meet in Barcelona, that eldest of home. the flame extinguished like a body falling upon it. that's the place, matted, positioned. the limbs dare their next isolation, their skating trick, their Tour de Ance.


Alexander Dickow said...

Yes! That's it, that's just right.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Good poem, L!

Check out the "labels" column at right sidebar. I added labels so we can find all of posts by each person if we want. Do you remember the ones by "Miranda"? I had forgotten them and they are really exciting. Best