Tuesday, July 28, 2009

old poem by sean s

after NEW: poem by Rufo Q

the most present false earth imaginable

the most imaginable false
whirlpools sent
to what end of ?sills
thrown sashes:

ah ghosts
ghosts are only the relatively uncorpor.
why measure the wrong things
the wrong things measure why


Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey Sean,

Cool new posting, influx of postings in general. Did you notice that I set up a "Labels" column and options? You can now add your name as a label to your posts and then people can go over to the "labels" sidebar at the right and click your name and then scroll through the assemby of your poem posts together that way! I will add the label to this one, too. Bises, Jen

standish said...

Those labels are cool. Are they new? I remember wishing for something like for some time.