Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something About Rhyme by Jonathan Wonham

After Jon's comment on Boîte sans rien dedans: "Something about rhyme just made me laugh, and think this is so you."

You just think something and your laughter rhymes so it is
so just about laughter this rhyming makes me think I'm
rhyming about something just to make me think this
so I just laugh about this and it is you I make rhyme

and so I thought about you just laughing I made something
so rhyming and something about you and this is
so laughable just rhymes about something I think
I'll make your laughter rhyme just so you think about this.


Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey J Wonham

Who is this after? Jon you or jon someone else? If a reworder, can you share with us the date of the orig post as I am backing up and not noticing it. If not a reworder, can we know where to look back or off to? Thanks so so much? Also, if a reworder and you let us know which, I can then add an internal link to the orig post for you so people can click it and be sent there! Thanks, Jen D

Jonathan Wonham said...

The quote is a comment by "Jon" following the post "New: Boîte sans rien dedans by Alex Dickow". Jon is not me.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Cool, slow me! I get it now! Thanks. Hey, did you see the new "labels" column? Now we can all go click on labels, such as "Jonathan Wonham" and then read through all your poems together!