Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Approach mislead (New) by Jennifer K Dick

After reading “the science seemed so solid (poems from Graceful Degradation)" a Dusie Chap from Dusie Kollectiv 5 by Betsy Fagin

Daily factual, fractured fractalesque : it is in the cards,
the holoscopic horoscope. What’s your sign? Signal
through ash, map the volcanic distillations as portended:
in other words, cash out. Catapult her in the Glee
cannonball Brittany. Can’t go there, do that, hype
up the lifeline, love, secreting away the fissures which
represent each child as if in the husk of a seed sent
downstreaming, awaycoming. Closed shop. Set up
or open each chakra glowworm green-orange stick
a pin or needle in the acupuncturist’s got a good line
on a golf game, on a way outta this disfigurement.
A personality disorder, reorganized. What’s your
Saturday shaping up to boil?
Time’s a tickin’ into
the next or last decade. Open incapable of mooring.

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