Friday, January 25, 2008


by Maitresse
after "Sheltered Lengths" by Jennifer K. Dick

what am I doing here in this cement garden? what am I doing with my nose-blowing and head-bobbing, offending?

such a well brought-up girl, such a barbarian

what am I doing here where the rent's high and money's low? what am I doing with him paying and me looking, away?

such a strong girl, such a wet rag

what am I doing writing poetry in a high rise, with a maid service, with a spa?

poetry's done in the street
it's done in the thick of it

seems it's also done in the thin, atop a duvet thick with money.

1 comment:

Jennifer K Dick said...

Fun! I loved the tone of this! It made me realize though we have had a lot of play on words here at rewords, we have had little language that pokes fun at its own writing self, as this poem does. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks! JKD