Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lies Bastion by jkd after Sue Chenette

After Sue Chenette's Libation (click her title to see her poem), posted in April. (+See comments for process note on what I was doing if you are interested.)

Jeweled scythe. Hurl. One apricot poured and pores
framed fallow waning, off flux lithe, tape-ends
boiled mourn-signs, witch trolling wrung drowned
tea howls two darned! Agean – armfulls grumpier.
Watch heathered, saloon-porched (bliss) we concurred, un-
waning slathered grasped, a gain in Even spatulas
circum ambulations, stilled futurist I can’t! nations. Wept.
(I’m told, gruel?) I’m bold, you? Flashlit into spam
thorough hazed arms spin less Motrin as a grin
prayed for her nose hair, a dozy sways, to camp can’t
see you, she says. It strikes ant draws off hits iron plight.
Horror halls in daisies eye, mustard piano pique (pianissimo).
Pro-miser in Faulkner saucy griddled halls. Chrirrup sparadas
the ‘n’ in christalisation. My groan (silver burlesques,
cockle spells). Spear reason slit entire draught
hits parched rabbit (fungus and fungal, sigh lad, her

larder knot rites i-ching green sleepy brunches,
bracken-flung, ravines post-host, fur, flora for depletion).


Jennifer K Dick said...

Process note: took Sue's poem and began by riffing sounds off her sounds, leaving totally at the wayside and semblance or interest in sense. Sought similar or parallel sounds at first for her words and then as I went along, loosened this to farther parallels in sound, adding aspects of character. Was fun, this nonsense sound sense to do. Though I hope Sue won't feel offended.

Sue Chenette said...

Hey Jen,
I like this a lot. Interestingly, I can read your nonsense sound sense Rorschach-ly, and feel some of the same mood, the same underlying emotional situation -- if we can say that there might be such a thing -- as in Margaret Christakos' "Photo," which I played around with to write "Libation" in much the same way you played with "Libation" to write "Lies..."
Reminds me of that birthday party game we used to play as Kids -- Telephone -- where a message got whispered around the table and came up changed/unchanged at the end.