Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Missings by JKD after The Cull by Sean S

All missing about writing a train on fire a woman derailing scheduled leaves leaving all remember missing monsters under the terminal roof fire cascades of glass pragmatic leanings toward a missing leaf a bugle railing against all eyes heavenward seated borders and second class missiles aboard leaves muse musing that mumbling about travelers’ hats a left bolero the soaked beret in doors recalled remembrances of a house on a schedule held over mediterranean suntemple writhing fire the derailing terminal sliding waves that mossy missed missing means all aboard the whistling writing firebrands on capped caskets pulling out over deer railings tracked leaves leaning mildew under felt featherbands catapults shatter-glassed fronted window or aisle seats the luggage lumbering leafed through missings about a trail on fire a man scheduled leaving pragmatic borders kissing

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