Wednesday, February 11, 2009

brown bag lunch by barbara beck

(I think almost all the borrowed lines got edited out!)

she fidgets but helps spread the others' cut and crinkle
saying ketchup constitues truth butter a smidgeon

of a cosmic event with its fake quote by Pascal
from post-apocalyptic scratch again an irksome process

as she bleeds one day over into next month's littering the plate
glass table sure she can eat even if dark pools lie on the same

planisphere her future past unwraps kinky accusations ladies
please! who can deny bizarre but non-suspicious choking

of children crummy posterities conceived distorted smeared why
bread is a sop for destiny she never touches that word

combination of homemade and designer illusions baggy
yet of great use they all stand to lose rectangular

meals in exchange for a messier plan that's a stretch
off the Mercator thinking of it as luck as relishing beyond

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