Monday, February 23, 2009

Technical Question by Jonathan Wonham

After Amanda Deutch's: "I am pretty sure I have asked this before".

Am I sure before I ask: Am I pretty?
Sure I am sure. Pretty sure. Before I ask.
I have asked this. I have asked this pretty.
Am I pretty? I have asked this before.

Ask: am I pretty? Ask! Ask!
Ask: was I pretty before? Ask for sure.
Before I was pretty. Am I sure? Am I sure?
I sure was pretty before I asked this.


Jennifer K Dick said...

That was fun! The second poem you have posted of late using a lot of anaphora. Have you read Stein's Tender Buttons, or are you? Feels like you might be. Hope life up North is treating you well, you are missed here in Paris! Jen

Jonathan Wonham said...

Thank you Jen. Life is fine here, except for the absence of good burgundy wine, or bad burgundy wine for that matter... Glad the poems push your buttons ;-)

Suzanne said...

I sure wish I had written this pretty little riff! Though we never met before, I have to ask--are you sure you weren't in my head? Thank you. Thanks.