Saturday, February 28, 2009

Floodlight by Amanda Deutch

after First by Michelle Naka Pierce and Sleeplessness is Reward JKD


A slip of metal. Off to buy one, sexy and squeaking of promises. Pirouette on a washing machine. Rain can be the simplest form of sloughing. From the rain—a kind of turning. Bits of certainty pierce out from under glass streets. Borrowing socks on both coasts—East and West. Determined, these calluses are proof of spiritual night walking. Slips of silk and metal grind till they glow from the North. So with the rain comes moss and a certain shift. As the bumper sticker says, reading is sexy. Snow, wind picking up speed, rain, a sunny afternoon, breezes along the creek—all in a day’s work. What once was impossible now just is.

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