Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sneak Off and Breathe by Amanda Deutch

After Explaining the Train by Jonathan Wonham, The difficulty of activating anyone by JKD, and soapbubbles by standish

Saturday inside this
**** glass floating skin
***************************** not so blank, needed

The trains screw up constantly—
our urban zen masters teaching us
******************************flexibility and patience

This faith hurts
**********as it touches
its creatures, I am among sometimes

passengers go stale
they look as if they could be called hungry

The rain can’t be certain of anything but rushing to greet us
water breaks over our blind moments
with such new breath as to erase immobile hours

It is almost as if rain blushes.

This is not a covered ride.

no. no.

it is blinding breaking rushing upward downward climbing immobile masses metropolises constant hearing grazing vertical certain strong here past back forever going empty touch blank lamenting accepting standing entering

the sun, of entering

we have no chance

a certain voice, hearing

running in the break

cover, rain can’t ever

we have *************************************** no chance in this house like a needle's eye
*******************colliding new motherless
so we might as well ride********************* the trains
learn our lessons,
****************sneak off and breathe

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